Research, innovation and development in biotechnology for health and nutrition.

We can supply either just the innovation for the desired functional product, or we can supply both the innovation and the development of the product into a gelatinous medium.

Probiotic, prebiotic and nutrient ferments for the development of products that contribute to balance in health and nutrition.

These ferments can be added to both food and non-food products.

Exclusive manufacturing of consumption-ready products via patent licensing.

If you already have a distribution channel and are interested in having a fermented food with live and active probiotics, we take care to develop, produce and pack it with your brand (only in form of gelatinous medium).

Production of biological ingredients for use in client's product line.

If you are a producer of ready-to-eat foods, you can combine our technology with your existing ingredients. If you produce food products: aliments for humans, pets, or plants, drinks and derived products.