Biotechnology Bio Gel

PATENT PCT/MX2006/000041

A gel with live probiotics who can help to regulate and maintain the balance of our microbiota (gut flora), thus supporting our intestinal functions.

The Bio Gel technology facilitates this by recreating the ecosystem of the first third of the small intestine in its near entirety, which is where the probiotic bacteria live. Bio Gel is the world’s only medium that efficiently carries the beneficial bacteria, which naturally inhabit humans, in live and active form into our organism without involving of dairy food or freeze drying.

Synergetic Symbiosis

PATENT PCT/MX2008/00159

Synergetic symbiosis can help to modulate organic functions in all living things, improving their nutrition, health, and well-being.

This symbiosis allows us to manipulate and generate changes in Bio Gel, the ecosystem of probiotics, which allows us to observe how the bacteria change and adapt to their environment. As a result the bacteria produce: enzymes, acids and proteins, which interact with the nutrients in food. This allows for their combined “cultured” and can help to modulate organic functions in living things.






  Social contributions


Recognition as benefactor, PAPID - –Project for the integral treatment of people with immune deficiency.

Best social project of Coparmex Jalisco.

Recognition by DIF Jalisco.


Rehabilitation clinic for infants CRIT Guadalajara.


Teknovigo, on a yearly basis, a yearly innovation camp for science and technology, oriented toward recent bachelor, master and PhD graduates.


MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stipend program for bioprocesses.

  University contributions

2010 – 2012


Development of functional food to reduce cellular inflammation by hybridisation of Omega-3 / Prebiotic. Incubated at Santa Clara, Silicon Valley.


University of Santa Clara
Global Social Benefit Incubator Program.


University of Oxford
Innovation program.

2009 – 2012


Development of functional foods to reduce of general bronchial, respiratory, and gastrointestinal diseases in occupational health. Post-graduate and doctoral thesis.

2008 – 2010


Development of symbiotic synergy between biotics and abiotics in order to generate metabolities to modulation of human body functions.
Doctoral thesis.

2016 – 2009


Functional food with symbiotic synergy for the regulation of nitrogen compounds in patients with cirrhosis. International publication, presented in Berlin, Germany.
Doctoral thesis.

2005 – 2007


Development of a functional food in Biogel for sustainability of prebiotics.
Master’s thesis in science.

 Research partners


National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
University of Guadalajara UDG
Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education ITESO
CIATEJ Jalisco
Research Center for Alimentation and Development CIAD
Metropolitan Autonomous University UAM
National Polytechnic Institute IPN
Autonomous University of Guadalajara UAG

Estados Unidos

Santa Clara University SCU

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

Reino Unido

Oxford University

  Strategic partners